Letizia Filippi Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend?

July 25, 2008

Meet Letizia Filippi, the gorgeous Italian model who is rumored to be dating Cristiano Ronaldo. See her biography, photos, and video here.

Letizia Filippi and Cristiano Ronaldo met at a yacht party this summer; the two were seeing other people at the time but stayed in touch. Christiano sent her flowers, and later had dinner with the model. Now the two are rumored to be a couple and have been spotted hanging out poolside, soaking up the summer sun.

Letizia Filippi Biography

Letizia Filippi is a 30-year-old model and television personality from Foligno Italy. She became famous in her homeland in 1994, when she placed third in the Miss Italia contest. Her measurements are unknown, but she has a smoking hot body, as you can see from the pictures and video below.

Letizia is seven years older than the Portuguese footballer she is dating, but an older woman may have what it takes to tame the man, who has a distinct taste for sexy, brunette models.

An Italian newspaper said that Letizia was able to snag Ronaldo’s attention with a ‘gaze that melted him like an icicle in the sun.’ More realistically, Letizia probably caught Cristiano Ronaldo’s attention when she revealed her naughty sexual fantasy. The Star reports that Filippi has talked about her naughty fantasy, which is to hire a private jet so she can have a “sizzling romp�? and join the mile high club.

See more photos and video after the jump.

Sexy Video Of Letizia Filippi

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7 Responses to “Letizia Filippi Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend?”

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    Letizia Filippi, Ronaldo’s new girlfriend? (pics) Says:

    […] So it’s official now, despite all Nereida’s denies, that Cristiano Ronaldo has a new girlfriend, italian model Letizia Filippi, which, I might say, shows our boy’s attraction to large silicone breats implants. More about the two lovers can be found here or here. […]

  2. 2
    fardis Says:

    i want to ask for you
    one site video about Letizia Filippi?

  3. 3
    leticia Says:

    in an interview she says they first kissed in capri and their quite official but dont now if it will really last long she seems decent

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    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Price Tag Skyrockets - CHARMANTS.COM - Your daily coverage of male beauties. Says:

    […] – Fuji Xerox Apeos commercial Cristiano vs. Bull – Fuji Xerox Apeos commercial (behind-the-scenes) More about Letizia Filippi Images via […]

  5. 5
    sithoo Says:

    im not sure if their relation ship is goint to last long.why is he dating women who is older than him?just can get it.

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    Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures & Photos Says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo has a massive fan base that follows every move he makes.

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