Sandra Sibi Blazic is Christian Bale’s Wife

July 23, 2008

Meet Sandra Blazic, the wife of Christian Bale who goes by “Sibi” Blazic. Did you not know that Batman is married? See photos, biography, and video here.

Not only is Batman married, but his wife Sandra Sibi Blazic is hot. She was allegedly dissed by his mother which caused a massive hotel fight. One thing led to another and Christian was arrested for protecting the honor of Sibi Blazic. They reportedly are having marriage difficulties.

As a biography, Sandra Blazic met Christian through Winona Ryder who was her long-time boss and confidant. She appears in Kevyn Aucoin`s book, Face Forward, which is a book about celebrity makeup. She really does have a gorgeous face.

Sibi was born April 14th, 1978 in Chicago Illinois which makes her 38 years old. She stands 5’11” tall (yummy!) with blue eyes, brown hair, and a hot body. Ms. Blazic was raised in Bosnia before returning to the United States. She is a former fashion model and worked on some films as an assistant.

Her daughter Emmaline Bale was born March 27th, 2005 in Santa Monica California where the family still resides.

The marriage difficulties are being attributed to his depression following the death of actor and friend Heath Ledger. He allegedly pushed his mother (Jenny) and sister (Sharon Bale) who are 61 and 40 years old respectively. The incident occurred at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

Sandra Sibi Blazic with Baby (Video)

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11 Responses to “Sandra Sibi Blazic is Christian Bale’s Wife”

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  1. 1
    Nada Says:

    So, if Christian Bale’s wife, Sibi Blazic is bornon April 14th 1978, as you write, then how can she be 38 years old????? Do your math!
    Also, she was NOT born in Chicago, Illinois!

  2. 2
    mae Says:

    Math is such a vital part of life. How did you miss this one? Even at first glance you know it’s wrong. Here, let me help you; 2008 – 1978 = 30

  3. 3
    mae Says:

    I know I just posted about the lack of math ability, but I went back and looked at the vid. Honestly people, don’t you proof read? You labeled it “Sandra Sibi Blazic with Baby (Video)” but she’s only in about 5% or 10% of it; the vid is primarly of Bale and his child.

    Please tell me you aren’t getting paid for this

  4. 4
    patrick Says:

    they seem like a happily married couple, nice

  5. 5
    Charles Says:

    Somewhere I read that she is born in US, but of Croatian origin.

    I also find that her Father is Bob Blazic, but he is of Serbian origin, and this two cant mix together cause those are two different countries, and two different ethnic origins.

    Can anyone confirm any of this?

    I could’t find anything on her mother!

  6. 6
    nena greece Says:

    she’s Serbian-american but grew up in Bosnia(Sarajevo)
    she was born in 1970>39 years old
    …and of course Croatia and Serbia are totally different countries!

  7. 7
    Bale-Fan Says:

    she is Serbian see on Wikipedia

  8. 8
    zare Says:

    sandra’s from srajevo, the capital of bosnia and herzegovina (where i am from) She is a serbian from boania and that has nothing to do with croatia which is another country with hardly any serbs. The only similarity is the name and surname, because a lot of serbian and croatian names are the same.

  9. 9
    patrick Says:

    You have absolutely no idea, just shut your mouth.The most Serbian and Croatian names are not same.But typical that a fat american know everything

  10. 10
    Croat Says:

    @ Patrick, MOST Croatian and Serbian names ARE the same.
    Sandra lived in Sarajevo, if her father was from Serbia that makes her Bosnia-Serbian origin. That’s it. But nothing of this means anything if we don’t know where’s her mother from.

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