Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

August 9, 2008

Rumors are flying that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. Or that she and John Mayer are getting married. Or they’re already married. Read the story and see photos and video here.

It is being reported that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. Apparently, some folks in the press still believe that Jennifer is harboring bitter feelings towards Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie because she’s had to watch them get pregnant and so, of course, her only alternative is to have babies of her own – as a way to do the old “I’ll show them!” retaliation move. Jennifer doesn’t look or act like that kind of insecure clinger to me, but who knows.

The 39-year-old actress feels that after all she has been through watching Brad and Angie’s family grow, she’d love Brad to see photos of her holding her own baby and show him she’s not the self-centered girl he had made her out to be.

You think she’d get pregnant with John Mayer just to show Brad Pitt she’s not self-centered. Uh, wouldn’t getting preggers for such a self-centered reason kinda contradict the whole purpose? If she’s pregnant, I would guess it’s because she is 39-years old, and she ain’t getting any younger – and maybe – just maybe – she really loves John Mayer and wants to have children with him.

Some of her friends feel that Jennifer Aniston is finally ready to have a baby of her own and that the perfect man to father that child is her current boyfriend, John Mayer. If that’s the plan, then more power to her!

Photos/pictures and a video of Jennifer Aniston are below.

Video: Jennifer Aniston

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2 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston pregnant?”

  1. 1
    shira Says:

    o-m-g i love Jennifer Aniston!!!!!!!
    is she pregnant??!!
    i love her soo please tell me on my email
    with love shira

  2. 2
    carol Says:

    Is anyone that stupid to believe that BS??? Oh yeah she`s going to go through 9 months of pregnancy and a life time commitment just to prove Brad Pitt wrong. Come on people she`s a human being just like us, to her Brad Pitt is not a God like he is to most of you.