Victoria Osteen airline lawsuit

August 6, 2008

The jury has been seated for Victoria Osteen’s assault trial. Opening arguments will start tomorrow. Read the story and see photos and video here.

On Wednesday the jury was seated in the lawsuit against Victoria Osteen, the wife of Joel Osteen – the popular and nationally known pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston. Victoria Osteen is co-pastor of the church that boasts 42,000 attendees each week. The charges against Victoria Osteen are that she assaulted a flight attendant. Osteen’s lawyer calls the charges “silly.” Sharon Brown, a flight attendant with Continental Airlines, contends that Victoria Osteen shoved her against a bathroom door and elbowed her because she was upset over her stained first-class seat. Brown claims that flight attendants asked to have Osteen removed from the plane. Osteen’s lawyer says that Osteen and her family left the airplane voluntarily. However, the incident made the flight two and a half hours late. Brown wants an apology from Victoria Osteen along with punitive damages amounting to ten percent of Victoria Osteen’s net worth.

Seating the jury wasn’t a simple process. The Osteens are well-known, and some jurors admitted that they were “star-struck” or that their respect for the Osteens might influence their decisions in the case. On the other hand, other potential jurors admitted a dislike of preachers and/or televangelists.

Here’s my favorite part of Brown’s claim. She says she suffers from anxiety and HEMORRHOIDS because of the incident. Hemorrhoids? Is she claiming that Victoria Osteen is a pain in that part of the anatomy? Does being shoved cause hemorrhoids? She also claims that her faith was affected. She wants Osteen to pay for her counseling. Here’s the clincher, though. This isn’t the first time that Brown has claimed that she was attacked. Previously she had claimed that an airport emloyee had attacked her.

Video: Victoria Osteen

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