More Kate Moss Photos

August 5, 2008

Kate Moss doesn’t worry much about a slip here and there – and now she’s . . . . how do we put this delicately? Well, she’s added a flash of butt crack to her repertoire of sightings. See photos and video here.

If you take just a cursory look around the internet, you can find photos of Kate Moss’ slips. She’s a model, and models generally aren’t too hung up about a little nudity here and there. Or a lot of it. It’s almost to the point where everyone has seen Kate’s girls – so there’s not much unique about seeing them again. In the latest Kate Moss photos, though, Kate provided not only a slip, but her swimsuit bottom slid just a little too low, and so now we have Kate Moss down under pics. Click to go over to safe redacted ones at Egotastic! to see them all. Then click below to see a video of a Kate Moss interview.

Video: Kate Moss

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