Miley Cyrus Shower Pics

July 17, 2008

Once again, teen pop star Miley Cyrus is embroiled in yet another photo scandal…this time, the 15-year-old has some racy shower pics that have been making its rounds all over the net. See the photos below.

Miley Cyrus shower
Miley Cyrus Shower Pics

There are conflicting reports on how these shower pics have surfaced. Apparently Miley Cyrus’ iphone was hacked, and the pictures were splashed all over the web. Another report suggests that the shower pics were actually leaked by Nick Jonas, who sent them to the person who posted the photos on a forum. Nick Jonas dated Miley for a short while last year but split after work got in the way of their relationship.

At any rate, more and more of these racy photos of Miley Cyrus keep popping up and this girl needs a good talkin’ to. Billy Ray? Disney? Those shower pics look to have been taken when she was 14 years old. I mean c’mon…a 14-year-old having wet t-shirt photos taken of her? Not role model material for the tween set in my book…

See the Miley Cyrus shower pics below.

Miley Cyrus shower Miley Cyrus shower Miley Cyrus shower 2 Miley Cyrus shower Miley Cyrus shower
Miley Cyrus shower pics

Photo source: gaysocialites, fisherwy

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50 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Shower Pics”

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  1. 1
    leah Says:

    OMG!!Miley didn’t mean for her pics to get in the net .By my sources they were for her boyfriend, Nick Jonas,her phone got hacked by some ganster guy,BUT!! she is fully clothed when she blew a kiss to her phone!

  2. 2
    thebeachboys422 Says:

    OH MY GOSH! Look at the picture and notice that you can see what looks like the outline of a swimsuit. Next notice the second shower head to the right and soap dispenser on the wall. It looks to me like showerhouse at some pool and girl who is wearing a swimsuit and a cover-up. The guy who came out with these pictures is just looking for his fifteen minutes of fame at Miley’s expense. Seriously look at the picture and you’ll see what I am talking about. This kind of stuff spreads like wild fire and anyone with half a brain can see what I have just pointed out.

  3. 3
    Stan Says:

    They are old, just like all the previous ones. Has anyone seen any verifible photos like these that are less than 3 months old? The real questions is who keeps releasing them and why are they only release when she is about to do something positive in her career, like her upcoming CD release, movie on TV, and her TV morining show concert appearances. Seems to me someone “or some Company” is trying to ruin her career and life. She is 15 and will make mistakes. So long as she learns from them I see no reason not to support her.

    BTW, I ran photo enhancing software against the shower picture and it shows signs of being fake, but since I don’t have the orginal I can’t be sure.

  4. 4
    joe Says:

    mmmmmmm shes so hotaaaaaaa

  5. 5
    Darien Says:

    OMG u can tel there is something under tht shirt and really who has a soap DESPENCER in their shower i 100% agree w/thebeacboys422 ppl take things WAY too far and out of hand

  6. 6
    Paloma Says:

    wow. her dad must be proud. sluts dont make it far on disney:/

  7. 7
    anomynous Says:

    this does not surprise me at all, many girls who r not celebs do this and they can get away with but becouse shes famous its a big deal it realy isnt just becouse of a perverted hacker got to her phone

  8. 8
    jason Says:

    one things for sure. This stuff certainly isn’t HURTING her career. She’s the hottest thing on the internet, and that translates into SALES.

  9. 9
    jessica Says:

    i totally dont see a bathing suit here!

    but yeah the shower looks like a hotel or soemhing. but i do not see a outline of a swim suit

  10. 10
    bobbie Says:

    okay i so do no see a bathing suit there. ppl need to stop making excuses for her! if she didnt want ppl talking then she shouldnt have taken the pictures in the first place. & as for the haker. well thats always a posibility so y did she take them in the first place. didnt her mom ever teacher her not to send photo txts? well im not gonna make any excuses for her. shes a slut for doing that in the first place. i so dont think shes as great a role model as every one thinks she is. and if there fake then she has nthn to worry about.

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