Carly Lawson Is Twiggy’s Daughter

July 5, 2008

Meet Carly Lawson, the daughter of world famous model Twiggy, and now a model in her own right. See her biography, photos and video here.

Carly has landed her first modeling gig, showing off designs her mother created for the home shopping company, Littlewoods Direct. Although behind the scenes in the fashion industry until now, Carly’s recent move to the front of the camera has some wondering if she will truly follow in her mother’s footsteps and choose a modeling career.

Carly Lawson Biography

As a biography, Carly Lawson was born in 1979, so her age is 29. She is the daughter of Twiggy and actor Michael Witney. After her mother remarried with actor Leigh Lawson, Carly took his last name, as he was her adoptive father.

Carly was five when her biological father died. She was with him at McDonald’s for an early birthday celebration when he had a heart attack and collapsed. Carly says the experience of that day helped to seal the close bond between her and her mother, Twiggy.

“I think we’re especially close because I’m an only child and we went through a terrible experience. After that no one could say, ‘I promise nothing bad will happen to you’ because it already had. On the other hand, it makes me appreciate the time I have and the people I love. It’s almost like I expect something else.�?

Carly had early offers to begin a modeling career, but until now she had declined. Instead, she studied animation at Edinburgh University. She has since returned to the fashion industry, however, working as a print designer for Stella McCartney.

See more photos of Carly Lawson and a video of Twiggy modeling below.

Twiggy Video

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