Kristi Kaufmann Says Lindsay Lohan Has A Secret Sister

June 27, 2008

It appears as though Lindsay Lohan may have a secret half-sister out there. In reports coming out today, OK magazine reveals that there is indeed a secret sister that no one but Michael Lohan knew about! Michael and Dina Lohan were married from 1985 until 2007. Somewhere in between Ali and Cody, the couple separated and Michael had a short relationship with another woman, Kristi Kaufmann, in which a child named Ashley was conceived.

Apparently, Michael knew about his secret child, sending cards and letters signed “daddy.” However, he never took financial responsibility or visited the child. In spite of this, Michael did call the child, even wishing her a happy 13th birthday on June 12th. Now the mother of Lindsay Lohan’s secret sister is coming forward, saying it is time for Michael to take responsibility. Michael says that there is a chance he is not the father. Michael says,

“I was with her (Kristi) twice. Then 10 years later, while I was in jail, she called me and told me that her husband at the time turned up negative in the paternity test, and she told me that meant I was the father. I haven’t seen [the woman] for 13 years. I believed her at first but now, out of nowhere, she’s gone public. This is a woman with a lot of issues, I don’t know if I can trust her.�?

According to Michael, his lawyers are working on it, and he is planning on taking a paternity test.

More to come in this saga, as we learn more about Lindsay Lohan’s secret sister.

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