Tempest Storm is 80-year old Burlesque Dancer

July 14, 2008

Tempest Storm is an 80-year old burlesque dancer with the “best two props in Hollywood”. See photos, biography and video here. Although her contemporaries have either died or given up dancing, Tempest Storm is still going strong.

Tempest Storm is the Las Vegas headliner who describes herself as a “classy” stripper. The 80-year-old is still hard at work although it has been more than 50 years since she was described as the girl with the “fabulous front” and with the “best two props in Hollywood.” Tempest Storm defines “class” as taking her time to strip slowly.

“I don’t just get up there and rip my clothes off,” she says.

Indeed, the 80-year-old burlesque queen takes her clothes off very slowly.

So slowly that it takes four musical numbers, to be exact, for her to take it all off in her “classy” way.

Why does Tempest Storm still carry on when her contemporaries – Blaze Starr, Bettie Page, Lili St. Cyr – have either died or retired? Storm says she’s just not ready to hang up her g-string. Storm carries on – not only in Las Vegas, but in Reno, Miami, Carnegie Hall, Miami. and other venues as well.

Tempest Storm Biography

Tempest Storm was born in Eastman, Georgia on February 29, 1928. Her birth name was Annie Blanche Banks, but she legally changed her name to Tempest Storm in 1957. As a young woman she worked in a coffee shop and dreamed of working in show business. She headed to Hollywood in the 1950s. There, she worked as a cocktail waitress and a chorus girl.

In 1957 (the year she changed her name), she signed a contract with a burlesque show. She worked seven days a week – playing to 2,500 seat houses. She appeared on television specials and in 1987 she even wrote a book, The Lady is a Vamp.

Tempest Storm currently lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Las Vegas. In her home she has photos of Elvis Presley who she says is a former lover. She claims that Elvis met her after one of her shows in Las Vegas and introduced himself to her. The relationship lasted a year, ending when Elvis’ manager felt that dating a stripper would be bad for his reputation.

Tempest Storm has been through trials and tribulations in her life: relationship disappointments, financial problems and even brain surgery. She believes that it’s important to be a survivor – to never stop doing what you love. She exercises regularly by using a small stationary bike while she watches television. She doesn’t smoke or drink, and she is careful about what she eats.

Tempest Storm is currently still performing in what she describes as a more glamorous burlesque style.

Photos/pictures and a video of Tempest Storm are below.

Video: Tempest Storm

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