Ranae Shrider is Verne Troyer Sex Tape

June 27, 2008

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave the past few days, you know about the Verne Troyer sex tape. Verne’s partner in that sex tape is Ranae Shrider (Renae Shrider). See photos, biography and a video here.

She is the girl who Verne Troyer tried to tongue-tickle in the sex tape that’s making the rounds this week. Some are calling it a “sex crime” tape but that is unfair. These are prejudiced people who are afraid of watching midgets with beautiful models for some reason.

Shrider is an aspiring model from Kentucky who now lives in Tampa, FL. She is actually pretty cute and may be very talented. Just shut up and leave alone. This is not her fault. But he has sued her for emotional duress and claims that she roughed him up. Ranae denies it.

Now he is suing to prevent the video’s release. A judge has ordered it sequestered, apparently so that only he can view it. That’s no fun for anyone.

Ranae Shrider Biography

She is 22 years old and 5’9″ tall with beautiful brown eyes and black hair. Ranae and Vern Troyer lived together for about six months and supposedly even considered marriage before breaking up. Apparently shortly before their breakup, they decided to film one of their sexual escapades in their New York apartment. Nobody knows who released the video. The lawsuit claims that it was stolen from the apartment.

It looks like the hookup with Verne didn’t do Ranae Shrider much good. Now she has this grief to deal with when she may have been in love with him and focused on her career. There is very little information available about her. Has she landed any modeling jobs? Acting, perhaps?

Photos/pictures and a video are below.

The whole naked truth is over here. Viewer discretion is advised.

Ranae Shrider Video

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3 Responses to “Ranae Shrider is Verne Troyer Sex Tape”

  1. 1
    Renae Shrider: The Girl in the Verne Troyer Sex Tape | Bitten and Bound Says:

    […] More photos and video of Verne Troyer and Ranae Shrider. […]

  2. 2
    Kimberly Says:

    I never met this girl, but she is not a very pleasant person. She exchanged e-mails w/ my ex (who, at the time, was with me) and posted some pretty harsh things about me w/out even having met me. I honestly don’t know how she is a model b/c she is not very pretty. No wonder Troy left her. And, truth be known, she was probably the one that leaked the tape…all for the sake of trying to be or get “famous”. She’s been trying now for the last 3 or 4 years and apparently it wasn’t working. She’s just a skank.

  3. 3
    Rachel Says:

    Man she totally needs breast implants. That girl is flat as a board. I cant believe that she would email someone elses bf. Thats horrible and shes a horrible person for that. Go to hell Ranae!