Sally Wade: George Carlin’s Wife

June 23, 2008

Meet Sally Wade, the wife of comedian George Carlin. See photos and a biography of Sally below.

Our hearts go out to Sally Wade, as she mourns the death of her husband, comedian George Carlin. He was admitted to Saint John’s Hospital in Santa Monica after complaining of chest pain. He died at 5:55 PM and cause of death has been ruled as “heart failure”. He had a history of heart problems and had performed just last weekend at the Orleans Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas.

Sally Wade Biography

As a biography, there is scant information on Sally Wade. It is unclear if Sally and George are indeed husband and wife or if she simply was George’s long time girlfriend. Sally met George about a year after his first wife, Brenda Hosbrook, died of liver cancer in 1997. George has often referred to Sally as “the sweetheart of my life, present and future.”

Sally was by his side when George entered rehab in December 2004 for an addiction to alcohol and Vicodin, a problem that even Sally was unaware of.

As far as Sally Wade’s occupation, numerous websites have cited her as a writer.

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