Gloucester High School Pregnancy Pact

June 19, 2008

The small town of Gloucester, Massachusetts is up in arms after school officials believe a group of 17 girls made a pact to become pregnant together. All of the girls involved in the alleged Gloucester high school pregnancy pact were 16-years-old or younger.

“School officials discovered the pregnancy pact after some girls seemed disappointed that their pregnancy tests from the school nurse came back negative.”

Officials and psychiatrists have weighed in as to why the teens may have entered into such a pact. The fishing community of Gloucester has been facing hard economic times and becoming pregnant, according to one theory, would give the girls “status.” Another theory looks at the connection between mother and daughter.

“It sort of gives you the impression of being an adult, an independent. It may give you an opportunity for unconditional love and attention from the baby and also that you give to the baby,” Dr. Elisabeth Guthrie, a pediatric psychiatrist, says.

Even more disturbing are the alleged ages of the fathers. Most of the fathers did not attend high school and one has been identified as a 24-year-old man. Massachusetts law states it’s a crime to have sex with anyone under the age of 16.

See below for video on this story.

Gloucester High School Pregnancy Pact

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5 Responses to “Gloucester High School Pregnancy Pact”

  1. 1
    Roy Says:

    These 17 pregnant whores from Gloucester are just sluts…what’s the big deal? Didn’t your high school have sluts who’d screw anybody? That’s what abortion is for, to prevent these kids from having the burden of babies…the public better grow up and realize that kids control their own lives now. Kids can get pregnant and get an abortion (or have a baby) without parental consent. That’s just the way it is now, so , “tough it!? Kids today know their rights, and no adult is going to get in their way!!! It’s the law, jerkoff.

  2. 2
    Men’s Game » Blog Archive » Daily Link Dump Says:

    […] Alyk is from the South Shore. This story is about a place on the North Shore. Now you know why Alyk is from the South Shore, and not the North Shore. Slutville, yo. [RC] […]

  3. 3
    Ron Jeremy Says:

    These chicks should be forced to watch bbc’s baby borrowers (actually coming to u.s. on nbc). That would scare them straight.

  4. 4
    Jewelsie Says:

    These girls are so stupid. But as always WELFARE will give them food stamps, and WIC will give them formula. I think it is a tragedy that we have to spend billions on these ignorant children who feel that having a baby will complete their lives. Love is not the only thing a child needs. They really have a wake up call coming. It should be required that girls under the age of 21 be on Norplant. Their babies are so screwed. I am so glad I am not the mother of one of the pregnant trash. These bottomfeeders will be sucking off the system for a long time to come costing billions in taxpayer money.

  5. 5
    Adam Says:

    Kids these days grow up in an immoral mass culture. You are subjected to hypersexualization of kids, especially girls, on a daily basis and you are surprised that kids turn out this way? Teen sex is glorified. Having kids out of wedlock is glorified. Sure the parents are partyly to blame but so too is the culture. We need more censorship. We need to get rid of this softcore porn crap that is on tv, in the papers, in teen magazines and elsewhere 24/7. We need to get rid of sex education and bring in abstinence and moral education. We need to segregate the sexes. We need a moral cultural revolution.