Katy Tur is Keith Olbermann’s Girlfriend

June 21, 2008

Meet Katy Tur, 24, Keith Olbermann’s very young girlfriend. She’s 26-years younger than Keith! Let’s see . . . Yep! That makes him more than twice her age. Photos, a biography and video are below.

Katy Tur is in the news because she has landed a job as a news-anchor on New York’s CW11. She is also living with Keith Olbermann who just happens to be quite a bit older than Katy. But age is just a number – right? It has been alleged that Olbermann’s connections helped her land the new job.

Katy Tur Biography

Katy Tur is the daughter of Robert Tur – an Emmy Award winning journalist. Bob Tur, along with his then wife, Marika Gerrard (Katie’s mother), is often credited with breaking new ground in news reporting. They created the Los Angeles News Service which was one of the first to use a helicopter to cover live breaking news. And remember the infamous O.J. Simpson slow-speed chase. Well, Bob Tur was the first to locate that white Ford Bronco in 1994 and start televising it. So methinks that Katy Tur has more than just Keith Obermann’s influence going for her in getting great jobs in television.

Katy Tur graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2005. Before moving to New York she worked with Los Angeles’ KTLA. She has one brother, James.

Photos/pictures and a video are below.

Katy Tur Video

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    Miriam Wray Says:

    Do your thing Keith Olbermann! Keith Olbermann has always been very original, and does not care what anybody thinks, when it comes to his career and personal life. It is no wonder his TV ratings are so high.