Kanye West At Bonnaroo

June 16, 2008

If there’s one musical festival that would be awesome to attend, it’s Bonnaroo. Four days of music, art and movies non-stop on 400 acres in Tennessee where some of the most legendary musicians have come to play (this year Pearl Jam, Metallica, Jack Johnson, Robert Plant, Willie Nelson, B.B. King, Led Zeppelin, Ben Folds, and so many more; last year The Flaming Lips, The Police, Lily Allen, Keller Williams, Ben Harper, and The White Stripes, to name just a few). How could you not love that? But apparently Kanye West ruined it for the fans this year.

Kanye was set to take the stage at Bonnaroo at 2:45 a.m. Unfortunately for his sleepy fans, he was two hours late, so that when he finally arrived on stage, the crowd began chanting “Kanye sucks”. It wasn’t entirely his fault, as Pearl Jam ended late and their roadies had to remove all of their stuff from the stage. But Kanye’s light show and glow in the dark spaceship was so elaborate that it took a while to set up.

And, apparently the tardiness wouldn’t have been so bad if Kanye had at least acknowledged it and the crowd’s patience for waiting around. But instead he let the show go on … and then cut it short. Even the next day, when performer Robert Randolph brought up the prior night’s performance, the fans again broke into a “Kanye sucks” chant. Hopefully the rest of the awesome musicians and comics lined up will ease the pain of one bad performance.

See more photos of Kanye West and a video for “Homecoming” with Chris Martin below.

Kanye West Video – “Homecoming”

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