Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Want An Emmy … Yet

June 15, 2008

Lindsay Lohan seems like the kind of girl who would love to win an award, preferably one that is accompanied by a little golden statue of some kind. In the past, Lindsay has stated that she’d like to win an Oscar before she’s 30. But apparently that desire does not extend to the Emmys. At least, not yet anyway.

Lindsay had a guest spot on the hit television show “Ugly Betty” with America Ferrera. For her work, she is eligible to be nominated for an Emmy, but Lohan has declined the nomination. She took her name out of the Emmy race because she felt her role was too brief to be considered by the Emmy committee. Lindsay’s rep, Leslie Sloane, said of the decision,

“The appearance was brief. We made a decision to wait.”

Lindsay will return to the cast of “Ugly Betty” next season for a more involved role. At that point she’ll probably accept any Emmy nomination that’s given.

See more photos of Lindsay Lohan and a video of her spot on “Ugly Betty” below.

Lindsay Lohan Video – “Ugly Betty”

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