Lindsay Lohan Pregnant

June 14, 2008

Lindsay Lohan was showing a very sizeable baby bump while in Los Angeles, and it has people asking if Lindsay is pregnant. So now the only question is, who is the father? See pictures of Lindsay Lohan pregnant and find out below.

You can see the photos of Lindsay’s baby bump here. The real reason behind Lohan’s protruding tummy is her new movie “Labor Pains,” not to be confused with the 2000 film starring Kyra Sedwick and Rob Morrow, where Lindsay plays a woman faking a pregnancy in order to save her job at a publishing house.

On the set, Lindsay has reportedly received multiple visits from her close friend Samantha Ronson. This may explain the akward photo of Lindsay sharing a kiss with her male co star. She was either not that into it or she is the victim of another untimely snap shot. Regardless, she looks very uncomfortable. You can see the photo here and more below. Plus, there’s a clip of Lindsay in “I Know Who Killed Me” in case you missed it. Or you can see it on the movie channel Starz where they are promoting it as so bad it’s worth watching.

“We’re an equal opportunity channel,�? said a Starz spokesman. “We will offer the best in movies, as well as the worst.�?

Same approach they took with “Gigli.” I guess that’s one way to get people to watch.

Lindsay Lohan Video

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7 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Pregnant”

  1. 1
    Hi! Says:

    3L ( Lesbian Lindsay Lohan) is a freaken idiot!

  2. 2
    gazei Says:

    The best and most beautiful woman in my life and I consider my mother is Lindsay Lohan

  3. 3
    nneka Says:

    lindsay lohan is a fantastic actress and very beautiful. so haters back off from lindsay’s life.
    linsay girl ride on, i got your back

  4. 4
    Anon007 Says:

    I like her when she was acting in Parents trap or whatever when she was a kid… and in the Movie Friday she acted well … but now everything is changing i don’t recognize her anymore … she has too many personalities.. PICK ONE!!! lol but she is great ^^ go lindsay

  5. 5
    nancy Says:

    lindsay lohan well done

  6. 6
    Tianna lemon Says:

    I love linsay id tap that :P

  7. 7
    Richard Says:

    Lindsay! I’ve written you on just about every one of your sites I can find. I don’t expect a reply. You’re a very busy lady! I just want you to know from an “old man” probably older than your father, I think you’re one of the most talented and stunning young actresses around. I’ve seen all of your movies. I had hoped to watch you work when you were in my town filming Gerogia Rule. Unfortunatley, I wasn’t able to get off work. Keep up the fantastic work. Don’t let the media get you down. Take some time for YOU now and then. Be thankfull for all of your amazing skils and talents. God Bless you lady.