Maureen Orth is Tim Russert’s Wife

June 13, 2008

Meet author and journalist Maureen Orth, Tim Russert’s wife and loving companion. Our hearts go out to her and her son Luke Russert. See pictures and a biography of Maureen below.

Her famous husband passed away on June 13th, 2008, to a massive heart attack just before he was set to go on air on NBC News. That immense loss for such an event that was unforeseen must be indescribable.


Maureen Orth was a Peace Corps volunteer in Colombia before embarking on a journalist career, for which she has won many awards. Her earlier experience in Colombia moved her so deeply that she created a foundation to help disadvantaged schools there.

Ms. Orth was nominated for a National Magazine award for a 1994 article about Michael and Arianna Huffington which appeared in Vanity Fair. She has been published in the New York Times, Esquire Magazine, and the New York Post just to name a few highlights of her illustrious career.

Her earlier career includes a stint as contributing editor for Vogue, and as a writer for Newsweek magazine and a long-running relationship with Vanity Fair. The list of her writing achievements is endless and broad, as her interests have ranged from the arts to hard news.

A movie has been discussed based on her book called “Vulgar Favors” which is about the relationship between terrorism and the opium trade in Afghanistan.

On television Maureen Orth was a correspondent for NBC News, just like her husband.

Tim Russert’s wife lives in Washington DC. The couple were married for 25 years. Their 22-year old son is named Luke Russert who just graduated from Boston College in 2008. Maureen and Tim would have just attended the graduation ceremony in recent weeks.

A full professional biography of Maureen is here. She was born on December 18th but the year is in some doubt.

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5 Responses to “Maureen Orth is Tim Russert’s Wife”

  1. 1
    Richard L. Garst, Jr. Says:

    I’m so sorry…

  2. 2
    Charlene Pierce Says:

    My heart aches for you as I know the suffering. I went through the same thing, only my children were small and I was left with 20,000. I had no job, but went to school and became an R.N. With God’s loving hand, I survived and raised and educated my two. Your husband was a wonderful man and we all loved him as he was so genuine. I know you do not feel this way now, but time is a great healer and he would not want you to grieve but to go forward and enjoy life. You have a wonderful son . God bless and keep you in his care..Sincerely, Ms. Pierce

  3. 3
    Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. Masiello Says:

    Dear Mrs. Russert,

    From my heart to yours, your son’s, and Tim’s Dad, I share with you the following which I wrote for the Sunday (June 22nd) Church Bulletin of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Westfield, NJ.

    In the Lord’s Easter peace, Monsignor Joseph Masiello


    My dear parishioners,

    It has been (thankfully) a long time since I was as shocked and saddened to learn of the death of a public figure as I was when I learned of Tim Russert’s sudden passing. I am sure you shared and share those feelings.

    Yes, he was a great journalist who so loved this land, and our nation is the poorer for his silenced voice. But, more, so much more, though in the public arena, all his days he was a “Gospel? lover: how magnificently he witnessed with his beloved wife to what covenant marriage in the Lord Jesus Christ is all about; how wondrously did he live and cherish his vocation to be father to his son Luke; how beautifully and devotedly did he shower his love upon his dad, “Big Russ.? Fiercely proud of his Irish heritage, he was also fiercely proud of his Catholic Faith and practiced it to the full! And, no one but our God can know how many lives he lifted up by his immense charity, all the while maintaining a genuine humility of heart and soul.

    Tim Russert demonstrated that public figures can be models of holiness and of outstanding family living. May the greatest tribute paid to him be that his legacy transforms hearts beyond counting. From all of us, your sisters and brothers in faith: thanks, Tim! We sure will miss you!


    Monsignor Masiello

  4. 4
    Pat Says:

    The comfortable kindness and integrity by which Tim Russert went about his anchor business that endeared him to all will be sadly missed. He alone of today’s news brought the kind of personality with which Americans had grown comfortable in being the honest, down to earth guy he seemed to be, and with a sense of integrity and style rarely seen in today’s newscasts and political arenas.

    Given his gaminess in the 2008 debates in his willingness to ask tough questions and expectation to get reasonable answers, it seems fair to challenge whether heart attacks can be induced and whether or not there might have been foul play afoot.

    Because of the political implications of the Russian fellow who was given uranium, and went downhill so fast before he died – that was in the news – it seems fair to question every premature death today as possibly not mere chance. Sad to see a day come where that is a possibility, but the world has lost the sense of integrity that Russert and his fans so believed in, and relied upon, perhaps to his (and our) detriment. It’s a horrifying thought but America may have entered a world where every death might be considered suspect rather than natural or accidental. The forces afoot are not those of the domestic American nation citizens had known and loved.

    Tim Russert will be sorely missed for his personality, and for his style, but mainly for his honesty, candor, and integrity. Where those attributes can no longer exist, America, herself, is in grave danger of implosion.

    If global free trade with outsourcing, etc. endangers the lives of all Americans, it is simply not worth pursuing, and should be made the exception not the rule. If global interaction is risky and endangers the lives of everyone, there is no point in pursuing it.

  5. 5
    John R. Kalenak Says:

    When I heard the news of Tim’s passing I felt like he was one of my own family. I always was impressed with his honesty and when he intereviewed some one provided the person with enough time to answer his question. Please accept my sincere sympathy for you and Luke. I watched the memorial was amazed at Luke’s composure and professional manner. I read BIG RUSS AND ME WHEN IT WAS PUBLISHED.Now I’m reading it again and it has more meaning to me.