Christopher Ciccone’s Madonna Tell All Book

June 13, 2008

Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone, has written a tell all book about his famous sister, without her knowledge. The publishing of the book, Life With My Sister, has really upset Madonna, leaving her feeling “sad and betrayed.”

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone is writing a tell all book about his superstar sister. The book entitled Life With My Sister is said to be “extremely graphic and devastating.�? A friend of Madonna says,

“We’d heard rumors, but didn’t realize he’d actually written it. He was there through the crazy years and has many stories to tell, I’m sure. He’s seen it all. Oh, my.”

Apparently Madonna and her brother have been on the outs for sometime now, and Christopher wrote the book without Madonna’s knowledge.

Last week Madonna met with attorneys, in what was assumed to be a meeting about dissolving her marriage, but now there is speculation that it was actually in regards to the tell all. A source tells E!,

“When she was meeting with lawyers and everyone was saying it was because she wanted to divorce Guy, she was really meeting with them to get the book killed.�?

Madonna’s rep denies these claims, saying that Madonna has not sought any legal advice.

Simon & Schuster, the company publishing the book, is in the works of setting up a sit down interview, possibly with Diane Sawyer. 350,000 copies of Life With My Sister will hit shelves everywhere July 15.

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