Delicia Cordon is Marcus Vick’s Arrest

June 13, 2008

Here is Delicia Cordon, the hot model, actress, rapper, and passenger in Marcus Vick’s car. The couple were arrested for public intoxication after an argument. See her hot photos, biography and mugshots below.

The arrest occurred on June 13th 2008, Friday the 13th. How many times have you been told to stay home on bad luck days? And definitely do not drink in public because that will reduce your luck. Marcus is the youngest brother of Michael Vick, and was a football star himself.

Delicia’s website has a “free Vick” sign on it, so her driving partner is probably not a mere acquaintance. Marcus may be the person she says that she is “in a relationship” with but that is mere speculation.

As a biography, Delicia is a 24 year old babe living in Florida with a sense of humor. She lists her residence as Saks 5TH Avenue, Bloomingdale, and Neiman Marcus. She was also smart enough to change her MySpace page to private after the arrest, so we are forced to find information elsewhere.

Her heritage is mixed coming from what is described as Italian and Black parentage. Some of the pictures look like she has been whited up a bit which I do not like because her natural look is oozing sexuality.

Her modeling portfolio includes layouts in Smooth, Complex, King, and Show magazines. She was a month in the 2007 Tiggers Kittens Calendar. We cannot find Delicia Cordon nude anywhere but some of her pictures come close.

She also appears in videos and commercials, even naughty Axe commercials which we have for you below. Ms. Cordon’s first cinematography adventure was in the Life Time movie called “Girls NightOut” which she followed up with “Days of Wrath” in 2008.

Do you love her tattoos? She has an angel on her ass and an inscription above her breast, enough to get anyone arrested.

Delicia describes herself as half sweet and half bitch, a shopping addict and traveler. She is “sexy but gangster” and a “super freak.” She likes to buy expensive whips and hates to be bossed. She has a son whom she describes as a lady’s man, but he cannot be that old!

To finish her biography, Cordon is 5’5″ tall although her full measurements are unknown. Her orientation is straight which is unfortunate because she has some extremely hot looking friends.

See much more here.

Delicia Cordon Video
(Tigger’s Kittens)

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2 Responses to “Delicia Cordon is Marcus Vick’s Arrest”

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    Celebrity Gossip Says:

    It looks like Marcus has decent taste in women. It’s a shame he just can’t stay out of trouble. He could of had a decent NFL career like his big brother…well until his legal troubles.

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    celtic design tattoos Says:

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