Susie Essman On Million Dollar Password

June 12, 2008

Meet Susie Essman, the “Curb Your Enthusiasm Actress” who recently made a game show appearance. See her biography, photos and video here.

On June 12, Susie Essman appeared opposite the legendary Betty White on the game show “Million Dollar Password”. Regis Philbin hosts the updated version of the classic television show. The original version was hosted by Betty’s husband, so it was only appropriate that she appear as one of the guest celebrities.

Susie Essman Biography

As a biography, Susie Essman was born May 31, 1955 in Mount Vernon, New York, so her age is 53. She graduated from Purchase College in New York in 1977.

Susie began as a stand-up comic, getting her first Comedy Central special in 1992 and appearing as Helen Higgins on “Crank Yankers”. She is most known for her role as Susie Greene on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. In fact, she gets stopped in the street and asked to say her signature line: “you fat f—“. She says her doorman won’t give her the mail without hearing those magic words. The New York Observer says of her language, “she’s taken female cursing to longshoreman levels.”

Even Larry David thinks Susie’s hysterical, and says it requires five takes to get a scene because he can’t stop laughing at her. In order to keep a straight face, he pictures his children being held hostage.

See more photos of Susie Essman and a video from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” below.

Susie Essman Video – “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

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