Victoria Beckham Does Facial Yoga

June 12, 2008

Victoria Beckham has been known to do some strange things to keep her up fashion-forward good looks. But apparently she has gone to whole new lengths lately because of the Los Angeles weather. Posh is so worried that her new location is making her age that she has turned to “facial yoga”.

So what exactly is facial yoga, and how will it help Victoria’s skin? Apparently it entails doing daily facial exercises in front of a mirror, including sticking out your tongue and looking to the left. In fact, she thinks the moves have been so successful that she has convinced David Beckham to try it because of the lines he has around his eyes. Maybe we’ll be able to see a difference in David’s next photo shoot.

Victoria even hopes that the exercises will help with her permanent anti-smile. A source insists,

“She makes a joke out of it when people accuse her of pouting, but she hopes the exercises will stop people calling her miserable as they’ll give her face more expression.”

Rumor has it Posh is not the only celebrity trying this new skin secret. Some say Gwyneth Paltrow also does facial yoga.

See more photos of Victoria Beckham and a video below.

Victoria Beckham Video – “Ugly Betty”

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