Charley Hill Is Linda Hogan’s Boyfriend

June 11, 2008
charlie hill
Charley Hill & Linda Hogan

Pictures provided by PR Photos

While Hulk Hogan has moved on with Christiane Plante, Linda Hogan has moved along as well. However Linda is robbing the cradle so to speak, dating a much younger man, 19 to be exact. Yes, Charely Hill is dating Linda Hogan and you will never guess how this happy couple met – Charley Hill attended school with Nick and Brooke! That must be awkward! Brooke admittedly is freaked out by the situation but stands by her family and their decisions. She says,

“I’m totally freaked out. I personally don’t like it at all or condone it, but she’s my mom, so I have to show her support…… You know, I thought we were one of the normal Hollywood families. It’s crazy watching it all fall apart, but I hope for the best.?

As you can see from the pictures, Linda and Charley (sometimes spelled “Charlie”) seem very happy together.

I feel bad for the Hogan family, it seems the reality show curse has affected them as well. But you have to give Brooke props, as things unravel she holds her head high and stands by her family. That says a lot about her, especially being both her parents are dating friends of their children.

Check out more pictures & video of Linda and Charley after the jump.

charlie hill   charley hill   charley hill
Charley Hill & Linda Hogan Photos
Brooke Hogan Talks Charley Hill Video

Pictures provided by PR Photos

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6 Responses to “Charley Hill Is Linda Hogan’s Boyfriend”

  1. 1
    Tyler Says:

    WOW hulk is a idol of mine and you guys are the PERFECT couple if best hope you can work things out and get back together 24 yrs. or marrage should get the best and patch things up.

  2. 2
    Sabra Says:

    First of guys, charlie and the hogans’ kids went to two totally different high schools. Charlie went to Clearwater High, and the hogans went CCC. I know this because I live in the area and was actually charlie’s prom date. But no hard feelings toward Linda, we went as friends and she can keep him!

  3. 3
    Rachel Says:

    Did you know that moms boyfriend is a year older than her daughter? wouldnt that be weird it they got married? because can you imagine having a dad that is only a year older than you?

  4. 4
    MamaDukes Says:

    I have two daughters in their twenties and I have NEVER thought about dating any of their friends or schoolmates, no matter how good they looked. I think it shows desperation and a bit of vindictiveness on both their parts. Terry isn’t any better, and I always thought they were smart and mature adults, but from the looks of it, they just don’t want to be alone. They are both attractive and think they could find partners closer to their own ages.I think it’s funny if you look at who both of them are dating, there is a resemblance to each other when they were younger…don’t think there’s a reason for that? It makes you go HMMMMMMMMM???????

  5. 5
    CARROL Says:

    is the mother trying to compete with the daughter ,can’t she come to term she is old

  6. 6
    michael Says:

    That is just nasty!! Linda might have money and Charley is obviously not the most beautiful of gods creations, but he sure is aiming low. But then again, Linda never had a bright mature intelect, so they just might be on the same page there.