Jeannette Jenkins is Queen Latifah’s Wifely Girlfriend

June 10, 2008

Meet Jeannette Jenkins, Queen Latifah’s girlfriend and wife later this summer. The happy couple will be married under California’s new gay marriage law. See her hot video, biography, and photos.

So is Queen Latifah lesbian? Yes! Her marriage will be official later this year. The celebrity lesbians are expected to adopt a child as well directly after the ceremony in July!

Jeannette Jenkins Biography

Jeanette Jenkins’s biography is substantial. We know that she is Queen Latifah’s girlfriend trainer which means that she gave her nude rubdowns in a professional capacity. But she is much more than that. She is a professional celebrity trainer with a slew of YouTube videos and clients.

Aside from Queen Latifah’s trainer, her list of celebrity clients include Jordana Brewster, Kimora Lee Simmons, Christina Applegate, Ian Ziering, Amy Weber, Taryn Manning, Victoria Rowell, and Tom Arnold (he needs it!).

Jeanette bills herself as a “podfitness” trainer which means that she can easily tailor workout programs for busy people on the move. She is the founder and manager of The Hollywood Trainer and author of “21 Days to Make Healthy Living a Lifetime Habit” under the Penguin Books label.

On television she has appeared on Oprah, FoxNews, the Today Show, and Tyra Banks. Her DVD collection includes the “Hollywood Trainer Cross Training DVD System�?

Unfortunately her name is often misspelled “Jeanette.” Jenkins says that her mission is to “use her experience and education to teach and inspire men and women to live their best life.” Sounds like Queen Latifah’s wife is going to give her a good life!

Continuing her biography, Jeannette was born in Canada to a single mom with two other kids. She was drawn to fitness early, perhaps as an escape from the difficulties of the public housing project in which she lived. She has since become a child advocate, volunteering time for Meals on Wheels and various homeless children programs.

See photos and videos below.

Jeannette Jenkins Video

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21 Responses to “Jeannette Jenkins is Queen Latifah’s Wifely Girlfriend”

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  1. 1
    Cassey Says:

    Are all her clients lesbians? It would be great to have gay trainers label their gyms as GAY so that the straight people can opt to go elsewhere rather than assume why their trainer’s hands are on their buttocks. For what it’s worth humans are the most pervert animals in the animal kingdom. All other animals are straight. You won’t see a dog jump a dog, or a bitch jump a bitch, not in a million years. So, homosexuality cannever be natural. It’s an invention of people with serious sexual and physcial insecurities.

  2. 2
    angela Says:

    I agree.

  3. 3
    jessica Says:

    Actually that is not true about the animal part, homosexuality has been prevalent in the animal kingdom and it is not uncommon that it happens. There are about 1500 animal species that practice homosexuality, and it has been something that has been happening since the age of greece and before.

    Secondly what about male gynecologists, should they not be doctors because they are heterosexual. It is there job, it is their profession and they take it seriously, just like a trainer would. Now if that trainer crosses the line, than that is an isolated incident and should be handled as such.

    She’s a trainer, her personal life has nothing to do with her job, just like a doctors, nurses, engineers, post office workers, teachers etc. So if you go to a male personal trainer, would you expect him to feel you up, or would you expect him to be professional.

    It’s people like you who are perverted contrary to belief every gay person does not want you.

  4. 4
    tameka Says:

    yall people dont have no proof that they are togeher all yall see them doing is walking, talking,and got damn laughing yall is just so serious to me yall need 2 be a shame of yall damn selves when yall see kissing or touching then yall might have sum proof just a lil thanks for nothing yall just nosey people

  5. 5
    bdj Says:

    this is bull****
    Queen latifh has said nuthin on being a lesbian
    and get afriggin life
    this is none of our bueisness
    so just stop
    she is not a lesbian
    she has said ‘im still lookin for a BROTHA’
    not a sista
    so get a life
    and worry about it

  6. 6
    JyMom Says:

    I am just really sad that Queen Latifah is gay. I just do not feel comfortable about using her sponsored brands – Covergirl “is the Gay Girl” lip stick – Walmart is the gay store and of course Jenny Craig will be full of gay people in there class so I have just had to close my eyes to anything she promotes just because she is no longer a women “A She-man does not relate to me at all” and I would let my husband recommend a lipstick. I know this may seem mean but I am just saying after all these years of being straight – To just become another Ellen. I’m Not A Man so I will never use or buy anything that a man recommends.

  7. 7
    tj Says:

    I am not saying that I agree with her choice in lifestyle but I also don’t beleive that it is really any of our business. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want everyone to know what I do in my bedroom and I wouldn’t want to know what everyone does in theirs so why does it really matter to you. Is it going to change your life if she is a lesbian? If it does then you are some sad, sad, people!! I think that women are attractive and sexy and I am not a lesbian!! If that is what she wants in her life then let it be. I say live your life the way you want and be happy! You are one sexy woman Ms Latifah and I think you deserve to be happy because contrary to what people beleive being a star and having money does not by happiness or love!!! So you go and do what makes you happy… Your beautiful together!

  8. 8
    Oakland Says:

    Funny how you mention how Jeannette’s name is often misspelled….and you misspell it in your own article.


  9. 9
    Linden Says:

    Hope she really loves Queen Latifah and is not just after her money and status. Because someone I know who went to school with her, said she only dated men before.
    I would hate to see Queen heartbroken like Ellen with Anne Heche once Jeanette decides she wants children with a man.

  10. 10
    ChicAfrique Says:

    LOL! Good catch Oakland:)

    To me…all of the other information in the article is now absolutely invalid_if the author couldn’t get her name right, what else is wrong?

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