Jessica Bowlin Is Jesse Palmer’s Girlfriend

June 6, 2008

Jessica Bowlin and Bachelor, Jesse Palmer have decided to end their romantic relationship. Read more and see their photos and video here.

Jessica Bowlin and Jesse Palmer met on season five of the Bachelor. Jesse romanced 25 ladies, until ultimately asking Bowlin to “chase all your dreams” with him by her side. Giving Jessica a one way plane ticket to NYC, the New York Giants player asked her to relocate. Instead, Jessica, who is studying law, opted for a long distance relationship.

Now, a month since the season finale of the latest Bachelor installment, Jessica Bowlin and Jesse Palmer have decided to call it quits. Both remain on friendly terms and wish each other the best.

In a statement, Palmer, said:

“Jessica and I shared an incredible romantic journey on the show that began with a friendship that remains strong today. We simply realized that, individually, our next steps take us in different directions. With too much distance and too little time these were not ideal circumstances in which to start a relationship. Jesse is a great guy and has a wonderful family. Who knows what the future holds?�?

The show doesn’t have a very good track record for successful relationships. 0/5 have made it down the aisle. However, both Bachelorette couples remain together, and Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter wed a few years back.

Jesse Palmer Video

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