Kate Walsh Photos

June 5, 2008

Kate Walsh is wearing a short, flowy skirt that, with the help of some wind, gives onlookers a very revealing pose. So revealing, the jury is still out on whether Kate is going commando. You can see the photos here.

Kate’s expression after the photo is priceless. It’s as if she knows she’ll be able to find the pictures on the internet using her iPhone. Check out her look of horror here.

I personally think it was the fashion gods who are behind this Kate Walsh photo. Her ensemble is looking great until you pan all the way down to the shoes. She chose to pair a cute dress, sweater and purse with black Crocs. I don’t understand the look. I’m thinking the friend next to her made her do it, because she’s wearing a beige colored dress, peach sweater and navy Crocs. I love Kate Walsh, but sometimes karma will jump up and bite you in the exposed behind.

You can see more famous hollywood photos below and video of Kate Walsh talking about doing time in the Big House.

Kate Walsh Video

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2 Responses to “Kate Walsh Photos”

  1. 1
    Anon Says:

    She was wearing the crocs because they were on location filming her show. A lot of hanging around I expect. The friend you refer to is the actress Audra Macdonald. That outfit is the character’s wardrobe, not her own.

    Loive that interview. Kate is so funny.

  2. 2
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