Maxi Mounds has the World’s Largest Boobs

June 5, 2008

Maxi Mounds is an exotic dancer who holds the Guinness World Record for largest artificial boobs in the world. You can see her biography, video and photos of the world’s largest boobs below.

Maxi Mounds Biography

Maxi Mounds was born on October 25, but she’s not revealing the year. Mounds was born in Long Island but shortly after moved to Florida. Mounds says her dancing career began as a way to pay for school, but “soon decided I liked being naked more than studying.” Maxi’s show soon became a duet with “Mini Mounds” and the two traveled the globe with the name “Moving Violations.”

Maxi is 6′ tall with blonde hair and 156MMM-26-36 measurements. At last check, her breasts weighed 20 pounds a piece. Her massive boobs are not implants, instead they grew after an operation called silly string. The procedure has since been banned due to safety concerns.

It’s actually a polypropylene string about the thickness of yarn surrounded by natural body fluid inside my breasts. That’s why they’ve grown so much since I first got them.

She does admit to having trouble sleeping and experiencing back problems, but she doesn’t have complaints in other areas.

“…my sensation has increased by twice as much since I’ve had ‘em done because the implants pushes the nerve endings to the front.”

Maxi has also written a book called “The Maxi Mounds Guide to the World of Exotic Dancing.” She includes a history of exotic dancing, along with stories of her on the road and a Q & A section.

You can see more photos and video of Maxi Mounds below.

Maxi Mounds Video

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    Goodies! | NewsToob Says:

    […] Maxi Mounds has the world’s largest boobs! – Right Celebrity […]

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    McGreggor Says:

    DAMN! Real or fake Ilike them.
    how ever you are mareied to
    all I can say is he is a lucky
    lucky man

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    sooraj Says:

    hey maxi……. u are really so sexy…. specially those two heavy loaded boobs….they are awesome…. i love that kind of large boobs….. what is their size????

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    I wonder where she gets her bras…. :)

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    entertainment with knowledge, its a extra nice style

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    wtffffff….she gets her bras from “Omar the tent maker” :-)

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    yaa man i like it you can come on my home

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