Trista And Ryan Reality Show

June 3, 2008

Everyone’s favorite reality television show couple from “The Bachelorette”, Trista and Ryan Sutter have already braved two television shows (“Trista and Ryan’s Wedding”, in addition to “The Bachelorette”), but it looks like they’re going for a third. The Trista and Ryan reality show will be put together by Martha Stewart.

The Trista and Ryan reality show is rumored to involve a home makeover, starring the adorable couple and their son Max. They may or may not be fixing up different houses for the show – I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

And it sounds like Max might have a little brother or sister one of these days. Trista was at the Modern Bride’s trendsetter awards dinner on May 13, and she announced that the couple is trying for baby number two. Trista says,

“It took us two years to get pregnant with Max. It’s okay if it takes us that long again, but we’d rather have them closer in age. We’ll see!�?

See more photos of Trista and Ryan and the video of their proposal on “The Bachelorette” below.

See more photos of Trista, Ryan and Max here.

Trista And Ryan Video

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