Sarah Larson & George Clooney Split

June 3, 2008

Sarah Larson has just been ripped out of her fairy tale romance with George Clooney in an unexpected break up. The former cocktail waitress was reportedly expecting nuptials in the near future, but instead was sent packing back to Vegas. Friends tell Fox News,

“She’s totally heartbroken and doesn’t deserve this. It came out of nowhere. They had made all these plans.�?

Sarah and George met while she was working at The Palm in Las Vegas. They had been together for about a year.

It sounds like Sarah may have jumped the gun with her expectations, as George has said previously that he will never remarry after his first unsuccessful marriage with Talia Balsam.

Sarah Larson Video
Sarah Larson George Clooney Video

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One Response to “Sarah Larson & George Clooney Split”

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    justin Says:

    Ah, a romantic. Sad, sad Sarah. The sad hooker who lost her john. Paid in full but not ready to say goodbye. Be careful Clooney. This one isn’t as innocent as she pretends to be. Take it from one who knows.