Kelsey Grammer Heart Attack

June 3, 2008

Actor Kelsey Grammer was taken to the hospital after suffering a heart attack near his home in Hawaii.

Kelsey started feeling bad while he and his wife, Camille Grammer, were in the ocean near their Hawaiian home. The heart attack was considered mild and Grammer is currently recovering in the hospital. Kelsey’s publicist released a statement confirming the situation.

“Grammer experienced symptoms Saturday morning after paddle boarding with his wife Camille at their Hawaiian home. He was immediately taken to an area hospital where it was determined that he had a mild heart attack.”

Grammer is only 53-years-old. You can see classic video of him below from his “Frasier” days.

Kelsey Grammer Heart Attack

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One Response to “Kelsey Grammer Heart Attack”

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    Wolfie Says:

    Man, I love all his work. And he’s a nice guy to boot. Maybe I’ll send him a case of Purple as a get-well present…that is, if he doesn’t already have a bunch of it himself. I had a heart attack a couple of years ago (at age 42, even) and if they had drinkpurple back then I’d be all over it. (who doesn’t want an antioxidant cascade effect!? w0oT!) Anyway, Best Wishes, Kelsey! We’re all pulling for ya!