Sandro Kopp Is Tilda Swinton’s Affair?

June 2, 2008

Meet Sandro Kopp, a painter who has been romantically linked to Oscar winner Tilda Swinton. See his biography, photos, and video here.

Tilda Swinton has been dating director John Byrne for 18 years, living together in Scotland with their 10-year-old twin boys. But the two have an open relationship, with Tilda also reportedly dating artist Sandro Kopp. For his part, Byrne recently confirmed his relationship with director Jeanine Davis.

Sandro Kopp Biography

As a biography, Sandro Kopp was born in 1978 in Heidelberg, Germany, so his age is 29. Sandro graduated from Abitur in 1998 with majors in Fine Art and English. He currently resides in Wellington, New Zealand.

Sandro is a artist, working mostly as a painter. However, he has also worked on several big name movies, including “Lord of the Rings” and “The Chronicles of Narnia”. In fact, Sandro and Tilda met on the set of “Narnia” in 2004. He now works as a traveling painter, with studios in New York, Germany, New Zealand, Rome, and Paris.

In 2001, after complaints by museum patrons, the Wellington Autumn Home and Garden Show removed some of Sandro’s paintings. The renderings depicted female genitalia.

Sandro’s relationship with Tilda Swinton became public at the BAFTAs, the first time the couple stepped out together. She discussed the relationship at the Oscars, in which Tilda won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in “Michael Clayton”. Tilda said,

“I don’t have a husband, I’ve never been married. I have children with someone else, with whom I’m bringing up my children, and I’ve lived with someone else, my sweetheart for the last three years, and maybe it’s extraordinary that we’re really all friends.”

See more photos of Sandro Kopp and a video of painters inspired by Sandro Kopp below.

Sandro Kopp Video

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