Amy Winehouse Late for Rock in Rio

May 31, 2008

Amy Winehouse took the stage an hour late in Lisbon, Portugal for her first concert since leaving rehab. She gave the underwhelmed crowd a 55-minute set at the Rock in Rio, which was headlined by Lenny Kravitz. You can see the video below.

When Winehouse finally took the stage, she apologized to the crowd of 90,000 who had started to boo.

“Hey Lisbon, I’m sorry I’m late.”

With that she went into a lackluster performance. People reports Amy’s voice repeatedly cracked, which may be due to a sore throat, and she stopped singing several times to talk with her band. At one point she even ran off the stage. Possibly to get more throat lozenges that she continually sucked on while singing.

Amy’s physical appearance is also a topic of discussion. Cuts were visible on her left arm and she wore a bandage on her right arm. Check out the video below for a few minutes of her performance.

Amy Winehouse Video


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