Milena Velba Is Big-Breasted Model

May 28, 2008

Meet Milena Velba, a big-breasted model who has a made name for herself by having some of the world’s largest natural boobs. See her biography and video here.

Milena Velba has been a sans topped model since October 2003, but she continues to be popular today. Milena recently posted a video of herself exercising without wearing stuff.

Milena Velba Biography

As a biography, Milena Velba was born on July 19, 1970 in Usti nad Labem, Czechoslovakia, so her age is 37. Her measurements are 5’4″, 48-35-37, 36J breasts. She currently resides in Germany. Velba began working as a model in October 2003 after the suggestion of a friend. The photographs and video were so successful that Velba started her own site in the spring of 2004. Her most famous video is called “Milk”, which features Milena lactating and breastfeeding.

Milena is also an avid biker. She owns two motorcycles, a Harley and an Intruder.

See more photos of Milena Velba and a video of her playing with her big bra-covered breasts below.

See more photos of Milena Velba at her website.

Miilena Velba Video

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