Jade Jagger Is Mick Jagger’s Daughter

May 18, 2008

Meet Jade Jagger, the model and daughter of Rolling Stones’ rock star Mick Jagger. See her biography, photos and video here.

Jade Jagger recently came under fire for her behavior as a mother to 12-year-old Amba and 15-year-old Assisi. The model took her daughters with her to the Automat Club to launch “the Jagger Dagger”, which Belvedere vodka has purchased for £250,000. She is planning to appear at parties worldwide to promote the ice pick.

Jade Jagger Biography

As a biography, Jade Jagger was born on October 21, 1971 in Paris, so her age is 36. Jade’s parents are Mick and Bianca Jagger, who divorced in 1980. After the split, Jade moved with her mother to New York. She was famously babysat by Andy Warhol at The Factory before being shipped off to boarding school in England. At 16, Jade was kicked out of school for sneaking off with her then-boyfriend.

Jade began working in 1996 as the Creative Director for Garrard, the English company dealing in high-end jewelry. She worked there until 2006 and now promotes a lifestyle concept called “Jezebel” – her middle name. It includes a club, recordings, and fashion. She also owns a building with luxury condo units in Manhattan and has worked as a lingerie model in the past.

For a time Jade dated artist Piers Jackson. Though never married, they were together for eight years and had 2 daughters together, Assisi and Amba. Since their split Jade has been linked to several others, including Pharrell Williams and current boyfriend Dan Williams. Jade lived in Ibiza for 10 years before returning to England for her daughters’ schooling.

Jade is known for her partying ways, regardless of where she is. In 2007 she made news after getting hammered on a Virgin Airlines flight and being loud with her friends. Her publicist had to issue an apology afterward. But plane antics aren’t Jade’s only news-making behavior. There are pictures of Jade sunbathing entirely nude on the beach in Ibiza.

See more photos of Jade Jagger and a video of Jade tattooing someone below.

Jade Jagger Video

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