Top 10 Celebrity Butts PHOTOS

April 23, 2013

Most celebrities become famous for their talents, singing, acting, dancing and then there are always the triple threats. However some celebrities, while they may be somewhat famous for a talent, there is that special something that gives them an edge over even the most talented. Celebrity Backside. Some celebrities are known for their backsides. We didn’t really care about Jennifer Lopez until we saw her posterior, and now she is one of the top celebrities and has her behind insure for millions.

I went through and looked at other lists of top 10 celebrity sitters and came up with my own, updated version. I’m a talking women with real sitters, not skinny ones.

So of course we have Kim Kardashian, who is pretty much known only for her rump in that infamous sex tape and Playboy photos. Kim has been rumored to have butt implants, but I think that booty is real. She is of Armenian heritage and when she gains weight, it goes to the right places.

Shakira has a nice boot. She has pretty much made a name for herself with her music and shaking. She is definitely not shy about showing off her butt.

Jessica Biel, is another woman known mostly for her backside. Justin Timberlake got it right when he sang. “Looks like a model, except she got a little more ….?

Check out the rest of the top ten celebrity posteriors, complete photos and videos after the jump.

Stacy Dash was someone I forgot about until I saw her last month on the cover of King. Her booty is no joke, I think it is better than Beyonce’s.

Yes, Beyonce made the list as well. With her bootylicious self. Beyonce came out from the beginning and gave us the complete package of singing, dancing, acting and ass-shaking. Damn – now that’s talent.

Then we have Fergie. She has overcome so much, and she is a really good singer. She can also be a butterface. But boyfriend, Josh Duhamel knows what’s up. Last year we saw the photos of him with her bikini.

Christina Aguilera has a booty for a little mama. Especially in her “Dirty” days.

Anna Kournikova, best known for dating Enrique Iglesias? Not so much. This Russian beauty got world recognition when she was only 15 for her amazing beauty. Although in MANY pictures, Enrique cannot stop staring at her behind.

And last, but definitely not least, Vida Guerra. This Cuban hottie has made a name for herself with just her backside. First appearing in FHM in 2002, FHM’s mail box was flooded with requests to bring her back. They brought her back and named her 2004 FHM model of the year.

So there you have it. Top ten celebrity butts. Leave comments – tell me who your top celeb is!



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