Khandi Alexander: CSI Miami HOT!

May 5, 2008

Here is Khandi Alexander, one of the hot doctors on CSI Miami. See her photos, biography, and sexy ass video here.

The actress is leaving the CSI Miami show. May 5th 2008 was her final episode.

Khandi Alexander Biography

She was born September 4th 1957 in New York City (Queens), which means that she is 50 years old and still looks playful and hot. She is a versatile entertainer who was trained as a dancer and choreographer in addition to modeling and acting.

As a stage actress, Khandi starred in Dreamgirls and Chicago. Her television credits include CSI Miami and ER. In the movies she acted in “Dark Blue,” “There’s Something About Mary,” and “Emmett’s Mark.” While as a choreographer she orchestrated tours for Whitney Huston.

How is that for a full career? Not bad, but Khandi Alexander is not done yet. Her move from CSI Miami will allow her to pursue new opportunities without such a restrictive programming schedule.

Khandi resides in Los Angeles. She is 5’4″ tall while her weight and measurements are unknown.

See her photos and video below. She has a fabulous celebrity ass.

Khandi Alexander Video

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One Response to “Khandi Alexander: CSI Miami HOT!”

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    ken Says:

    Wee weee, she is a strait hammer, only 9 years older than my self but hot as hell. The leg thing in cb4 wee wee. I would….. Oh out of respect for her I aint gonna say it but,awomen as fine and as talented as her; and did i forget to mention she sexy as hell. wow wi