David Blaine World Record

April 30, 2008

Magician David Blaine broke the world record of holding one’s breath on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” today when he held his breath underwater for 17 minutes 4 seconds!

The old record was 16 minutes and 32 seconds by Switzerland’s Peter Colat, according to Guinness World Records.

“I feel great,�? the silver wetsuit-clad American said as he was pulled to the surface. “I actually started to doubt I was going to make it because I’d never done it with such a high heart rate.�?

Blaine told the viewers it was his ‘lifelong dream’ to do this stunt and insisted it didn’t involve any trick or cheats.

“There’s no enhancement, no cheating,�? he told Winfrey, adding that while he makes his living as a magician, his stunts were about pushing the limits of the human body.

Blaine had earlier failed his attempt at the record two years ago, when he had seizures when pulled from the water sphere. But this time… it was a different result for the focused magician who is widely famous as a performer of street and close-up magic.

I remember his Frozen in Time stunt somewhere around seven years back when he stood encased in a massive block of ice located in Times Square, New York for nearly 60 hours!

At that time, CNN confirmed that “thousands of people braved the pouring rain Wednesday night to catch a glimpse of Blaine as workers cut away at the ice.”

More photos and David Blaine World Record video are below.

David Blaine World Record Video

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