Angelina Jolie’s Problem Pregnancy

April 29, 2008

Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy the second time around is causing her some problems. Reportedly, twins are taking their toll and causing a very difficult and uncomfortable trimester for the actress.

Pictured above, Angelina is looking good but tired in a flowing yellow dress just last week meeting friends for lunch in Hollywood.

“Angelina’s having a very hard time, and it’s making her miserable. The babies are heavy, and she’s exhausted from the weight. The pressure can make it hard for her to breathe at times, and she tires out very easily.�?

Angelina’s feelings of nausea have also returned and she’s been diagnosed will high blood sugar. Nutrition is also a concern. Comments are rampant about how skinny Angelina is for being in her third trimester. Speculation is her fitness routine may be a little too strenuous.

You can see more photos of Angelina pregnant below.

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