Britney Spears Again

April 29, 2008

Britney Spears is continuing her long, intense workout regimen but this time all that cardio must have gone to her head. After she finished showering in the hotel spa, Britney went back in the gym wearing only a towel to cover up. I guess she could’ve had panties on underneath…naw.

Britney was at a hotel and spa in Marina Del Rey, California where she spent her morning on the treadmill. It looks like she is really trying to get back the incredible body she once had and become the face of Bally’s total fitness. But in true Britney fashion, she took the opportunity to get people talking when she emerged from the locker room holding a white towel around her. She eventually returned to the shower area and changed into a black dress and those brown cowboy boots she just can’t live without.

Rumor has it Britney is working out up to six hours a day as she prepares for another comeback. The singer has reunited with old manager Larry Rudolph and has been in the studio recording. This was her second gym trip on this particular day. Keep it up Britney.

You can see more pictures of Britney in the towel and my favorite video of her when she was obviously working out everyday below.

Britney Spears Video

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