Mariah Carey Engaged?

April 28, 2008

Is the mega superstar Mariah Carey Engaged? Or is she just trying to get the rumor mill started by wearing that ginormous ring?

Mariah was at the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of “Tennessee” when she was photographed with the ring. Wearing the accessory is just fueling rumors of a Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon romance. Sources say the two have been dating after Cannon starred in a music video for her new album E=MC2. But they apparently went out of their way over the weekend as to not be photographed together at the Film Festival.

“Mariah is the master when it comes to keeping her relationships secret. Even though she’s a big star, she likes to keep her private life to herself.”

You can see more pictures of Mariah Carey at the premiere below.

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One Response to “Mariah Carey Engaged?”

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    Klos Says:

    I never looked at it from this angle before, but this certainly is interesting and will make me think more about this. Probably will come back and have another read on this site.