Emma Watson Photos

April 26, 2008

Harry Potter fame Emma Watson has joined the league of ‘famous’ celebrities making headlines with their oops moments! Well, it’s also the right time since she’s just turned eighteen!

Poor kid. She is barely 18 and already the mystery of her inner self is no longer a mystery.

In fact, Emma showed off her essence while celebrating her eighteenth birthday, when she was exiting her car.

Emma hit the town in London this weekend to celebrate her 18th birthday, and, on her way out of the club, gave us a real gift.

Actually the shot is showing her in tasteful undergarments safe for family viewing… See them here.

It’s surprising, she’s turned eighteen as she looks so younger to me like your average junior school girl.

Meanwhile, Emma Watson will replace Scarlett Johansson in “Napoleon and Betsy” as Betsy Balcombe, a young woman trapped on the isolated British Isle of St. Helena who falls in love with Napoleon, who is in exile on the island.

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