Mariah Carey Takes Over The Empire State Building

April 25, 2008

Mariah Carey will be honored today in New York, where a lighting ceremony will take place and Mimi will flip the switch on a scale model of the Empire State Building. The real Empire State Building will then be lit in pink and lavender all weekend to celebrate Mariah’s new album E=MC2, which went to number one on the Bilboards, selling 463,000 copies.

Mariah Carey also performed on ABC’s Good Morning America today and had a few complications. First her back up track started too soon leaving Mimi to catch up, and then a back up singer sang her part. Mariah turns around and sings to her, “Stop singing my part…now baby.�? I guess when you are Mariah you can do that in a live performance.

Check out those videos and photos after the jump.

Mariah Carey Today Show Video
Mariah Carey Today Show Video

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