Brooke Hogan College Reality Show

April 25, 2008

What do you do if your Brooke Hogan and the music career that daddy paid to launch failed miserably? You get your own reality show and pretend to go to college of course.

Brooke Hogan has spent recent weeks applying to different Florida Universities so she can take her 9-camera entourage on her educational aspirations. She applied to the University of South Florida, Florida State University and the University of Central Florida but all three schools said that Brooke and her entourage would be too much for students during finals.

Can you imagine how disruptive filming a reality show would have been during finals week? I am so thankful my administration has a brain.

The only school that did allow Brooke on campus was Florida Atlantic. Florida Atlantic also dubbed the “easy access college,�? has everything Brook needs, the “easy access�? and the beach so she can make the most of her skimpy outfits. However even FAU administrators have yet to decide whether Hogan will be allowed to film on campus if she applies and is accepted as a student.

See more photos of Brooke Hogan and her entourage after the jump.

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