Tom Cruise Returns to Oprah

April 25, 2008

Sweeps are coming and Oprah might have the best show slated. Tom Cruise returns to the “Oprah Winfrey Show” for the first time since the “couch jumping” incident. It will be aired in two parts, celebrating “Cruise’s career since his breakout role 25 years ago in Risky Business.” Insert joke here.

The two part show will consist of Tom showing Oprah around his home in Telluride airing on May 2 and then on May 5, Tom will be in-studio for a live audience segment. There will also be appearances from many Hollywood A-listers.

“Tom will be doing the Oprah show,�? Cruise’s rep Julie Polkes tells PEOPLE. “He is really looking forward to it.�?

His last memorable appearance occurred on June 23, 2005. He came on to promote “War of the Worlds” and left with the everyone wondering if he was certifiable. You can see the video of Tom going bat shiat crazy on Oprah below.

Tom Cruise on Oprah

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