Wesley Snipes Gets 3 Years For Tax Charges

April 24, 2008

In December 2006, Wesley Snipes was charged with failing to file his tax returns for between 1999 and 2004. Then, once he started filing them again, he allegedly fraudulently claimed refunds nearing $12 million. Although he faced up to 16 years at the time the charges were filed, the sentence came down today as 3 years max.

Snipes was sentenced April 24, 2008 in federal court by Judge William Terrell Hodges. Snipes and his attorneys, along with his co-defendant Douglas Rosile, spent the day in court arguing for leniency against the prosecutors. In addition to the 3 years in prison, Snipes owes $17 million in back taxes. Before he was sentenced, he made a $5 million down payment toward the debt.

This may be the most profitable day for the government in a long time. It makes you wonder where it will go.

See more photos of Wesley Snipes and a video of Snipes after the hearing below.

Wesley Snipes Video

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