Britney Spears Clothing Line?

April 24, 2008

It’s been reported that pop star Britney Spears might be launching her own clothing line soon. Well, considering the current financial status she’s got… I have no doubt, it’s true!

Britney reportedly met Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier to discuss about launching a clothing line together.

“I have known Britney for a long time – she is a good friend of mine,” Audigier told Star. “We’re talking about working together, designing a line of clothing.”

Christian might not be the best guy around to collaborate with, but Britney really can’t afford to wait and choose a good designer, if this business will really be making her any money.

I’ve heard she recently paid about $400,000 in legal fees accrued throughout the past few months and her brand is signaling to go into red!

Britney Online Inc., one of Britney Spears’ numerous name-brand companies, owes $23,589.17 in state taxes on the entity’s 2004 earnings. Also, no one knows how Britney Touring, Britney Brands, Britney Films, Britney Television and FairyZone Productions are faring up.

At this time, when she’s desperately in a need to revamp her public image and give her career a major boost… a clothing line might be a good idea, supposing no one would mind wearing a t-shirt ‘telling’ How I Met Your Mother!

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