Who Are The Hot Girls At The Comic Book Convention?

April 23, 2008

When you think comic book convention, you think dorks, nerds and pocket protectors, right? Apparently they do things a little differently in New York because at the recent Comic-Con convention, the hot girls came out in droves. Not only that, they got into character. In the advertising campaigns for these things, they should use these girls. Then the pocket protector ratio might drop a little.

Comic-Con Girls

But it’s not just in New York where the ladies come to show their love of all things comic related. At San Diego’s Comic-Con, the girls came dressed for fun as well. Who knew?

So what exactly goes on at a comic book convention that attracts all these hot, scantily-clad girls? I can’t really say. But whatever it is, it pulls in the hotties.

See more photos of the Comic Con girls and a video discussing the happenings of Comic Con below.

See all the photos from the New York convention here, and the San Diego convention here.

New York Comic Con Video

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One Response to “Who Are The Hot Girls At The Comic Book Convention?”

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    Hot girls are attracted to big money. Do you have any idea how many thousands of dollars each of those old comic books are worth now ???