Paris Hilton Banned From Moscow Hotel

April 23, 2008

Paris Hilton was so close to getting her MENSA card, and then she went and scribbled her name on a $16,000 a night hotel room. Now, reportedly, Paris is banned from the Moscow Hyatt Hotel.

Paris was in Moscow to host Russia’s MTV awards. While staying at the Hyatt she did a photo shoot in the suite wearing a slinky black dress and black boots. In one of the pictures she posed next to her very expensive message written in black marker: “Paris was here” “Paris Moscow 2008.”

“Miss Hilton ruined the wallpaper in the luxury suite. In such a case the client automatically goes on the black list.”

She will also have to pay a $9,000 fine. Paris’ rep is maintaining the story is completely false, and she’s even booked to stay there next month when she launches her latest fragrance there.

Check out more pictures of Paris at Russia’s MTV awards below.

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One Response to “Paris Hilton Banned From Moscow Hotel”

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    flipitnstickit Says:

    Does her father own the Hyatt, too? What was she doing at the Hyatt, why wasn’t she at a HILTON hotel? Or aren’t there any Hilton’s in Moscow?