Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Wears Makeup

April 23, 2008

Cindy Crawford has gorgeous kids, there’s no doubt about it. Little Kaia Gerber is only six years old, but she’s definitely watched her glamor girl mother from the looks of it. On more than one occasion, Kaia has been photographed by the paparazzi with more makeup than Lindsay Lohan.

She’s a cute girl, adorable. But why is she walking out in leather jackets and makeup? She’s 6! The picture above was taken in January when the family was leaving Nobu. But it wasn’t a one-time deal. Maybe it’s only when the family dines at Nobu. The family ate at the fancy joint again on Monday, and again Kaia was rocking the makeup and leather jacket, only this time she added a “no paparazzi” shirt. At this rate I’d hate to see the makeup when she hits 13.

See more photos of Kaia Crawford and a video of Cindy Crawford playing strip poker on Leno below.

Cindy Crawford Video – Strip Poker

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