Orlando Brown Is Missing Disney Star

April 23, 2008

Disney actor Orlando Brown has family and friends extremely concerned since he went missing Tuesday morning. See his biography, photos and video here.

Orlando Brown best known for his role on the hit Disney show That’s So Raven, has mysteriously disappeared and now family and friends are very concerned for his well being.

Orlando Brown Biography

Orlando Brown was born December 4, 1987 making him 20 years old. He has had quite a career for such a young man, starring in several commercials, TV shows, and movies. He began working with the Disney company in 2000. He is best known for his role as Eddie Thomas on That’s So Raven, but has also appeared in several other Disney shows such as Fillmore, The Proud Family, Phil of the Future and Lizzie McGuire. Brown is also a talented singer, singing and appearing in the Disney Channel Circle of Stars. He is currently working on a rap album and has appeared in rapper Trae’s music video No Help.

Recently Brown has been in some trouble. On April 10 he was pulled over or driving with no lights, and police found nine grams of marijuana in his car. He was charged with possession, but denied that it was his pot saying it belonged to a friend.

Early Tuesday morning Orlando Brown went missing. He was last seen shortly after he left a meeting with his manager to stop in a 7-11. The store is just a short distance from his house however, he never returned. Now friends and family are very alarmed, as this behavior is not typical for the actor. A missing persons report has been filed and his manager Ricky, has called hospitals and posted several myspace bulletins asking for any information to Browns whereabouts.

Let’s hope he is okay and he returns safely to his family.

See more photos and video after the jump.

Orlando Brown Video

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