Jordin Sparks: Vocal Hemorrhage

April 22, 2008

American Idol Season Six winner Jordin Sparks is said to be recovering in her Glendale, Arizona home from a “vocal hemorrhage“, which in layman’s terms is basically strained vocal chords.

According to Pam Weidmann, Jordin’s grandmother, she was forced to cancel several engagements, including the much hyped Alicia Keys tour (which started April 19th), in which Jordin was the opening act. Weidmann stated:

“It’s a huge disappointment, particularly since she was about to begin the tour with Alicia Keys and she had some major television appearances happening this week, including the Dove Awards (for Christian music).”

Since Jordin’s American Idol win last year, she has been singing non-stop. Stev Tyszka, a vocal coach from Phoenix, had said a vocal hemorrhage is a “tearing of the vocal lining”. He went on to add that the amount of rest your voice needs to recover varies and it’s “typically not a major thing”.

Sparks is at least relieved that the damage is not permanent and is remaining upbeat that resting her voice will cure the problem.

More photos and video of Jordin Sparks below.

Jordin Sparks Video

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